Planning a ride to Jodrell Bank and back


After entering the Jodrell Bank sportive the other day it made me want to ride there and back from home. I’d played with a possible route but had not got any further than that until the drive up to Altrincham today. I was stuck in traffic on the M6 and thinking about it some more. What the hell, lets just do it rather than think about it!

I stopped at the ride of the road later in the drive to check the weather for next week and a Wednesday looks the best bet. I posted on the Nova Raiders Facebook group just in case anyone else fancied coming along – always more fun riding with others.

I’ve just been refining the route to avoid as many main roads as possible, without adding to the mileage too much. This was pretty successful, but there is no way I can see of avoiding quite a bit in the A34 on the way back down to Newcastle. I’ll carry on looking but I don’t expect there is any way round it.