Raiders Sunday ride to the Lazy Days Cafe in Brewood


It was Jon Steer’s turn to lead the usual 50 mile ride today so I thought I’d be able to kick back and enjoy the ride without worrying too much about keeping everyone on the right route. Not quite as it turned out (but that’s ok too :))…

I rode down to Nova Cycles to meet up for the ride and was met by quite a few Raiders already there. By the time the ride was due to leave, we had 18-20 Raiders so after a quick discussion with Jon, we opted to split the group in two, with me leading a quicker 15-17 mph group and Jon leading a slower 14-15 mph group.

Off I set with my group of 12 Raiders. The route today was Duncan Maiden’s one that takes us up through Lilleshall Hall, Shifnal, Beckbury, Badger, Albrighton, Codsall to Lazy Days in Brewood and then back to Newport via Gnosall and Norbury Junction. A fab route and a bit hilly on the southern end.


We had an un-eventful ride out to Brewood, with lots of chat and a stop just outside Badger to fix a puncture. A nice cafe stop was enjoyed by all (Lazy Days is always a good stop) and we headed off back to Newport for a pint or two in the New Inn at the end of the ride.

On the way 2 riders peeled off as they needed to be home earlier so we ended up with 10 of us in Newport.

At the New Inn we caught up with Jon’s group who had been to a different cafe in Brewood (we wondered where they had got to!) and then taken a short cut home via Weston Park. Shortly afterwards we were joined by the Booze Cruise riders.

After a good old chat and a few pints I headed off home, to complete the 65 mile ride for the day.

What a fab day out – loved it!

Route: click here