Midweek ride out to Dearnford Lake, before going to Gran Canaria this weekend


I’m off to Gran Canaria with some other Raiders this weekend for a week of cycling the hills this Sunday. Today looks like the only chance I’ll get for a ride this week, so decided to go for my usual 55 mile round trip to Dearnford Lake cafe and back via Newport.

A very chilly day but the sun came out after a short while and I was wrapped up warm for it, so not a problem. An uneventful ride up to the cafe and they had my favourite cake, Latte cake with Ginger sprinkles on, so that was another bonus!


After the cafe, I got stuck in roadworks for a while as they are resurfacing the A525 to the south of Whitchurch (the really rough bit of road that goes over the railway line and has needed looking at for ages!). About time!

Once I was on my way I headed the usual way down through Brown Moss Nature Reserve and onwards to Newport via Market Drayton. Once back in Newport I popped into the New Inn for some refreshments and a warm up in front of the log fire.


On the way down Shay Lane I bumped into Andrew Sowka from the club, but later wrote the following on the Raiders Facebook page (loved it!):

A Travellers Tale (part 2).
A few weeks ago, some of you may recall me meeting a wise man travelling the highway.
Today , I encountered him AGAIN! ……..
I spotted him from quite a distance away, this redoubtable bearded traveller dressed in distinctive garb.
Deciding to renew our acquaintance, I pulled over to the side of the road.
‘Hello again, o wise one. Tell me, have you had a good journey, and also have you refreshed your Soul from the Chalice of Dearnford?’
A wry smile and a twinkle in the eye, told me I had guessed correctly!
‘My child ‘, he replied. ‘The road I have travelled was long and hazardous. For this is the Lane known as Shay, and it has many many pitfalls. However, I knew I would encounter you here, for I have important news to impart!
‘Oh’, says I. ‘Pray tell ,I beg of you!’
‘The time has come for me to leave this place’, said the wise journeyman. ‘I entrust your care to another, the reliable Canon Dale.’
I was stunned! ‘But where are you going?’ I implored.
‘My destiny is for me to be raised to a higher place’, he announced in all seriousness.
‘You mean your going to …your being raised to Heaven?’
‘No’, chuckled the traveller. ‘ I’m off to Gran Canaria to climb some mountains on my bike!’
And with that, John Rooke engaged his Di2 gears, and rode off into the distance.

It was then a short 8 mile ride home to get on with some work!

Another fab ride out and 55 miles in the bag too.

Route: click here