Day 2: Gran Canaria – our first ride


Nicole and I headed down to the Free Motion bike rental shop after breakfast. It was about a mile walk along the front and really nice to get a feel for what is where.

The rental was really easy and quick and I was soon on my way with a top of the range Cannondale SuperSix Evo Hi Mod Dura Ace 2 bike. A to die for bike and the best one Free Motion do.


The others were waiting for us when we returned to the hotel and we wasted no time getting out on our ride – an easy(ish) 20 mile round trip to Ayagaures to the north of the hotel in the mountains, up a windy road to the top and then back along the top to Meloneras.

What a fab ride – some lovely scenery and a nice introduction to the mountains which would follow in the days to come. On the way we popped up to a vantage point overlooking a lake and took the photo at the top of this page.


Back in Meloneras we were all hungry so retired to a nice Italian on the front for pasta and beer. Gary and myself then decided to do the loop again, this time in reverse.

Off we set. This way round felt much harder as the road initially kicked up pretty steeply and it was later in the afternoon by now and very hot, with virtually no wind.


Once back at the hotel we all went off for showers before meeting up for dinner and a few drinks.

Route: click here