Day 3: Gran Canaria -A longer and much hillier ride out to San Bartolome in the mountains


Today’s plan was to head off along the coast towards the airport, before turning off up into the mountains to Santa Lucia and then San Bartolome, returning via Fataga.

Just the 3 of us today as Helen had opted to stay around the hotel and relax. A nice ride out through Maspalpmas and towards the airport, stopping at a garage along the way to top up with water and fuel snacks.


Then we headed up into the mountains. I quickly did my usual and totally ran out of breath and had to stop to catch it. After a time or two doing this, I caught up with the others who talked me through their breath control on hills. I tried this as soon as I set back off and it worked a treat and I didn’t get out of breath again.


In Santa Lucia, we quickly stopped for a pastry at this lovely little cafe before carrying on. Once in San Bartolome we were hungry so stopped at another cafe for beer and the local vegetable soup, which was delicious.

We’d done the hard work now and it was pretty much all downhill to the hotel. After Fataga through, the road kicked up to a view point overlooking the coast and we got the fab photo below of me climbing up to it.

IMG_0397.jpgBack at the hotel we did the usual thing of showers, drinks, dinner and a few more drinks. A fab ride in amazing countryside.

Route: click here