Day 4: Gran Canaria -Up into the mountains to Soria and then down the Serenity climb and back via Mogan


The plan for today was a short ride along the coast to Arguineguin and then up into the mountains to Soria. We planned to return via the same route but that changed…

The coast road was a bit lumpy but not too bad. We then started a steady climb up into the mountains, stopping for an ice-cream along the way.


After the stop, the route kicked up somewhat and the going got a lot tougher. Using my new breathing method things were much easier than they could have been and we were soon up in Soria re-grouping.


We stopped for dinner at this fab cafe where I had an amazing Spanish Omelette and a nice cold beer. Over dinner, myself and Gary decided to extend our ride and return down the Serenity climb and then back via Mogan and the coast road.


The initial ride up to the very top of the mountain was up this really rough and very steep road (see picture above). I did struggle a bit on this and began to seriously wonder if the 11-28 cassette on my Cannondale was enough and that perhaps I ought to swap the bike for one with a 11-32 cassette on, to make the steeper sections a bit more manageable.


Over the top we started on the Serenity descent which I took extra slow as I did not know where the road was going next and there were lots of hairpins to negotiate. Really good fun though and yet more amazing scenery.

Coming through Mogan we opted to stop for a quick coffee in a fab bar called Bar Bodega which was very hippyish inside and very much the kind of place I like.

We carried on down to the coast and then the lumpy coast road back to the hotel. Once back, we did the usual of showers, drinks, dinner and drinks.

An amazing ride and a fab day. Think I’ll change the bike to on with 11-32 on for tomorrow though.

Route: click here