Back from Gran Canaria, so it’s got to be a ride out to Dearnford Lake!


After getting back from a fab week in Gran Canaria cycling with friends last week, I had a couple of days off before deciding it was time to get back in the saddle and work my legs. My favourite 55 mile route to Dearnford Lake near Whitchurch was the obvious candidate.

Not really that much to report about the ride, other than it felt absolutely freezing (3 degrees) after the 26 degree sunshine of Gran Canaria. I was all kitted up too and it felt odd wearing so much kit after a week cycling in bin shorts and a short sleeved jersey last week.


At Dearnford they had my favourite triple decker latte ginger sprinkle cake on which was a bonus. On the ride home I had to stop near Calverhall to wait for a farmer who was rounding up some escaped cows.

Later I stopped in the New Inn in Newport for a reacquaintance with the Joules Blonde that I like.

Route: click here