Club ride out to the Cheerbrook Farm Cafe near Nantwich


It’s my turn to lead the Sunday 10am club ride this week and I was trying to find somewhere different to go for a change.

I’d been past the Cheerbrook Farm Cafe just outside Nantwich quite a few times and it always looked good, so I wondered if I could stretch a ride from Newport to here and still get close to 50 miles in total.

A good while later and I had a decent route which kept off the main roads as much as possible and used some nice lanes I knew were good for cycling. I ended up revising the route a bit the night before the ride so as to cut the A51 completely out of the ride (it’s fine for cycling down but not exactly condusive to the more social and chatty nature of our Sunday morning rides).

The day dawned and it was a bit windy and initially with light drizzle which I think put some people off as only 5 of us set off on the ride. Not really much to report on the ride itself and we all arrived at the cafe around the time I was hoping for.

The cafe itself looks really nice and we had a lovely raised table by the window, looking out on a field on cows. I spotted a pikelet on the menu which looked lovely but they had run out, so substituted with brown toast. The coffee was spot on and very nice indeed but my food was a bit of a small portion and not as nice as I was hoping for. Never mind, you have to try new things every so often.

We all enjoyed the ride back and a few of us went off to the New Inn for a drink. The Booze Cruise had beaten us to the pub (first time this has happened).

Route: click here