Audlem Cycling Club Reliability Ride with fellow Nova Raiders


I’d heard great things about the Audlem Cycling Club reliability ride from several friends so could not miss this one. The route heads up out of Audlem, along Coole Lane to Nantwich, then up to Tarporley before heading through the Peckfortons to Malpas, then Whitchurch and back to Audlem via Ighfield.

I opted to drive up to Audlem as riding there and back would have added 30+ miles to the day and meant I’d be nudging 100 miles for the day. Don’t need to ride quite that far this early in the season!

On arrival there were Raiders everywhere! Obviously everyone else had heard the good things about the route too.

After a safety briefing that seemed to last an eternity we were off. We settled into a nice group of Raiders and I lead the group out most of the way to Tarporley. The first bit, along Coole Lane is dead flat and a really fast road so we were averaging over 20mph by the time we hit Nantwich.

Just before Tarporley we were tested with the first decent hill of the ride. Nothing too taxing after Gran Canaria, but great fun nonetheless.

We then skirted Beeston Castle, past the Ice Cream Factory (wanted to stop for coffee but it’s a Reliability ride and you’re not supposed to stop). Then it was into a beautiful and reasonably hilly section at the southern end of the Peckfortons. This really made the  ride for me and not only was it stunning countryside, but it was great fun to ride too.

Then up the hill into Malpas and onto a reverse section of our Giro d’Joules ride down into Whitchurch and down to Calverhall. As we arrived in Adderley, my legs were feeling great and Mark Sheridan and myself came off the front for a blast back into Audlem.

After the ride we all met up at the Priest House Cafe in Audlem for some food and a chat.

As I hoped, it was a fab day out and easily the best Reliability route I’ve seen so far.

Route: click here