Sportive training: 83 miles to Jodrell Bank in Cheshire and back home


With a number of longer Sportives coming up soon, I decided today was the day for a longer ride, so I could start to get conditioned for the greater distance. What better than a re-run of the fab ride to Jodrell Bank and back that I did a few weeks ago. The route has everything – flats, sprints, hill, great scenery etc etc.

This time I went direct from home as I’d forgotten to put the ride on the Raiders Facebook page in case anyone else wanted to come along.

I cut up through Childs Ercall to the Hinstock – Drayton road and then onwards towards Woore. Up the A51 and through Wybumbury and I had my first refreshment stop with the fab view below.


After cutting up the side of Crewe and then on through the middle of Sandbach I stopped again for a quick snack on the motorway bridge over the M6 at Junction 17.


It was then a shortish ride past Holmes Chapel to Jodrell Bank itself. The weather has been fab so far with sun pretty much all the way. Not bad for this time of year!

I left my bike in the handy bike sheds and went inside for a sandwich and coffee. Carbs replenished and suitably refreshed I headed off for the return leg to home.



When I’d amended the route to start at home, Garmin Connect must have re-routed the bit around Congleton for some reason as I found myself entering the town (albeit only skirting the suburbs). I’d intended to totally by-pass it and avoid the A34, but instead found myself cycling down quite a busy section of the A34!

I soon found a way off it and was back to the quieter and more fun to ride lanes. The route home takes you through Alsager, Audley, Madeley and Ashley before heading back to Bolas Heath. It’s quite a hilly section and I started to wish I’d been a bit steadier in my speed earlier in the ride! Not to worry as the idea was to push myself harder.

As I was coming through Knighton, not too far from home I bumped into Andy Sowka from the Raiders and stopped for a nice chat. I can’t go anywhere round here without seeing his blue van!

A fab ride out which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Route: click here