New bike time – Pinarello Dogma F8


I’ve been thinking about getting another bike for a while. Ever since Gran Canaria in fact!

Hench, one of the Raiders got a new Dogma F8 a few weeks ago and keeps telling me how good it is and encouraging me to get one. The more I looked into it the more I liked the idea so got in contact as I know he can get me a good deal on one.

I decided on one with the Sram Red Etap totally wireless gears that a lot of the pro’s use. I specified a few other things that I like on it and Si at Nova Cycles liaised to get it built to order.


Today I got a lift down to Newport and picked up my new bike. It looks amazing in the flesh and even better than in the pictures I had seen (which looked fab anyway).

I’d normally wait to ride such a bike on better roads in the summer but could not resist test riding it home. There was a nasty headwind that stopped me really seeing how fast it could go but it felt amazing to ride and I have absolutely no doubt on it’s capabilities come the better weather.

Route: click here