East Lake Toho via Kissimmee Waterfront and St Cloud Beach. Then back via Narcoossee and Kissimmee. Cafe stop at Dunkin Donuts in Narcoossee.


After a day off cycling yesterday (I was on my way back from Atlanta, present shopping for the family and then a meal out with my business partner), I opted for the long ride of the trip today. A 55 mile ride out round East Lake Toho and via Kissimmee Waterfront and St Cloud beach.

I did not set off quite at dawn as I’m starting to get used to Florida time, but it was still very early and quiet.


The initial part of the route took me down the Old Tampa Highway but in the other direction to the other day. Then it was a short ride through Kissimmee before I got to the beautiful lakefront park. From all along the park you get fab views over Lake Toho (not to be confused with East Lake Toho, which I will visit later in the ride!).

From there I headed off towards St Cloud, crossing various very busy main roads on the way. Once I approached the western shores of East Lake Toho I took Lakeshore Drive down to the beach area at the south of the lake.


It was still very early and the cafe had not yet opened so I asked a couple of nice old ladies on the pier where to get coffee and cake and the best they could think of was Dunkin Donuts on Narcoossee Road. Not my ideal choice but if all else fails…

As it turned out, this was literally the only place, so I stopped for a rather nice latte and rather calorific reduced far muffin (420 calories still!).



The route then took me northwards towards Orlando International Airport before turning down Boggy Creek Road to Kissimmee and onwards to home.

On the way through Kissimmee, I had to go along a very short section of the 192, which as anyone who knows the area, is hellishly busy. On the way down I got propositioned by a guy in a van to meet at 6pm at the junction of Osceola Parkway and Dyer. I could not hear if this was a cycling club meet or just that he was a maniac who liked guys in tight lycra! Needless to say I did not go, just in case!

I then routed via Indian Point to ride past Mark and Emma’s villa, which is the first villa we stayed at in Florida and which prompted us to buy our own ones and start our businesses.


A fab ride which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was upwards of 30 degrees by the time I got home so I opted for my favourite Hawaiian beer and a quick dip in the pool as a post ride cool off.

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