Short recovery ride to sort my legs out before flying home later today


Today was the day I fly home to the UK so I decided on a quick leg spin after I packed and before I had to head off to the airport.

I routed out to Poinciana Blvd and northwards to the right turn that is signposted Broadmoor and we always associated with the prison of the same name in the UK. Needless to say there was no prison but there was a quite nice housing community called Broadmoor. If only the developers knew what connotations this has to any UK visitor!


I then headed down Ham Brown Road and back to Crescent Lakes via Lizzie Brown Road. Once back in Crescent Lakes I still had a bit of spare time to rode round some more parts of the community.


Then it was back home to pack my bike away and get changed.

Once sorted, I drove off to the airport to return my car and check my bags in. A fabulous few days in Florida with over 100 miles on the clock.


Route: click here