Shameless ride to get the Strava badge for commuting


I was working today and had a message off Nicole that she had an hour or two free this afternoon so we arranged to meet up for a short 20 miler.

I drove over to Nic’s as I had to return her bike bag that she had kindly lent me for my recent trip to Florida. I arrived expecting the usual 20 mile route but she had planned a different one which was nice.

We headed off through Childs Ercall, Ollerton and Stoke on Tern and then onwards to Cheswardine. In Ches we tried not to get lost like last night and managed to find our way without incident.

A quick loop round part way down the Adbaston road and we were heading back to Hinstock. We were going to stop for a drink but no pubs were open!

A nice ride out with great company as usual. A bonus was I bagged the Strava badge for commuting as I stopped the ride on my GPS before we got back to Nic’s (the badge would not be awarded if the start and end locations were the same).

Route: click here