Quick leg stretch to check out the ride HQ for tomorrow after the long drive from home. 1 puncture, 1 inner tube, 2 gas canisters and a trip to Halfords to replenish supplies later…


I’m starting the London Revolution 2017 tomorrow so drove down today and am staying overnight just down the road from the start location of the event.

I arrived in good time and thought I’d go for a short, easy ride to stretch my legs after the long drive down to London. But where to go as all the roads are seriously busy round here?

Looking at the map, the local balancing lakes have a decent looking paved path round them so I settled for a ride up to event HQ to check that out and then continuing around the lakes.

Nothing much going on at event HQ as everyone was busy setting up, so I carried on with my ride.


How wrong could I have been about the paths round the lakes. I could not actually access them as it’s all fenced off so had to go along the canal towpath up one side of them and return via the main road.

The towpath was quite gravelly and I ended up with a puncture on the back tyre by the time I got to the top of the path. It took me some 20 minutes to get the tyre off as it was so tight on the rims! Then the first gas canister mis-fired so I had to use my second spare.

This meant I only had 1 inner tube and no gas canisters left for the two day London Revolution event. That’s not going to work!

I stopped at event HQ on the way back and bought 2 inner tubes off them but they did not have any gas canisters so I rode to the nearest Halfords and picked some up there.

An eventful ride to say the least!

Route: click here