Wiggle Cotswold Sportive Epic Course. A hilly century ride in the Cotswolds. Did I mention the relentless hills? Fab ride!


Today was the wiggle Cotswold Sportive, starting at the Fire Service College in lovely Moreton-in-Marsh. I’d driven down the day before and was staying overnight at the college, literally right by the starting line!

The next morning I realised the B&B I had booked was short of a B – breakfast! The cafe did not open until 7:30am and I needed to be on my bike by then. Gutted!


I headed out to register and see if there were any concessions with something for breakfast. As soon as I went outside it was absolutely chucking it down too. Not a great start so far, but can only get better.

I had a couple of museliĀ bars, a banana and a can of Diet Coke (had a coffee in my room earlier) and headed off to register.


I was then in the very first few riders to head off onto the course. A fabulous if not a bit hilly ride ensued. I knew the Costwolds were not going to be an easy ride and they certainly were not. A really good ride though and very scenic!


The only real thing to note was the 3rd and final feed station at about 75 miles in had been relocated down this big hill, 2 miles off route. You had to cycle off then come back up the hill for another 2 miles to rejoin the course.

Forget that as I don’t need the extra miles and have enough food to last me anyway. I was a bit short on water so decided to stop at the next pub and top up there.


A few villages later and I found a nice looking pub that was open so stopped for water and was persuaded by the guy behind the bar to have a quick pint too. Very nice indeed.

Then it was 20 or so miles back to the finishing line, with no real let up in the hills.

A really great ride and so glad the rain stopped after about a 1/3 of the ride and we all dried out.

Route: click here