Fab ride out to Whitchurch and Ellesmere with great company and lots of sun.


After my ride out to Whitchurch and Ellesmere a week or so ago, Nic had asked if we could ride it again as she wanted to try it too. We’d arranged a ride with Tim Hughes today so decided today was the day!

I drove over to Nic’s house, where Tim was busy re-indexing gears. He had a look at mine and we discovered a loose cassette, which explains why I was struggling to index them myself! After tightening up the cassette the gears were dead easy to index.


We set off on the normal Dearnford Lake route and called in for coffee and cake. Then it was off into the lanes of Wales and onwards to Ellesmere.


At Ellesmere, we stopped at the Boat House and I had to use the restaurant and not the cafe as the cafe had not got any veggie sandwiches left. Not a problem though and I had the most delicious dinner.

After a quick pint (it was a hot day after all!) we headed off to Wem, where we stopped at our sponsor’s pub for another quick pint.


From there it was an easy ride home, with Tim peeling off in Ollerton and Nic and myself heading back to Hinstock where my car was.

A fab ride out and great company with lots of laughs along the way.

Route: click here