Wiggle Mega Meon Sportive Epic Course. Beautiful route on quiet country lanes in stunning countryside. Lots of climbing and lots of long and flowing descents.


This Sunday was the Wiggle Mega Meon Sportive, starting in Waterlooville, just north of Portsmouth and headed up into the South Downs via the beautiful Meon Valley (where the sportive gets its name from!).

I’d arrived the day before and stopped overnight nearby so was at the start location bright and early. After registering and having my obligatory pre-ride coffee, I was on the start line ready to go.


The route gently meandered it’s way into the Meon Valley to warm our legs up before the hills started (and continued for the rest of the ride). I was really pleased that we ventured into West Sussex for a portion of the Epic route, which is a new county for me to cycle in.

About a third of the way round the promised rain started and proceeded to be torrential for quite a time. When you can’t get any wetter than you are, you start to not mind the rain though. It still did not dampen what was an absolutely stunning route and one of the very best I’ve done.


Towards the end of the ride was the last hill, going up to this HUGE listening post with all sorts of weird shaped things on top of it, all overlooking Chichester and Portsmouth harbour.

When I arrived back at the finish, I only had 97 miles on the clock and my OCD means I can’t leave it there and not get at least 100 miles.


I went through the finish line, collected my medal and then headed off for 3+ miles locally. This was easily completed as my legs were on fire after the recent bike fit.

What a fab day out in beautiful countryside. Loved that!

Route: click here