Ride out to Yorktown and Jamestown Settlements. Tropical Storm Irma is coming as the wind is getting up and it’s starting to try and rain.


The weather is supposed to turn tomorrow so I knew I had to get out on a ride today. I’d been west of Williamsburg on the previous two rides so planned a ride to the east this time.

The first part was up the Colonial Parkway to Yorktown. This is a beautiful and quiet road bordered by trees and lakes the whole way and with hardly any cars. Just beautiful!


At Yorktown I stopped at the cafe at the Revolution Museum for a coffee and cake. Not a lot of choice cake wise but I did have a nice chocolate cookie.


After that I rode through historic downtown Yorktown and then onwards through the Civil War battlefields – a really beautiful part of the route.

After this, the route went a bit downhill as it joined this REALLY busy main road with 3 lanes each side! Like cycling down the side of a motorway and no fun at all.


Thankfully the route eventually turned off but the remaining roads were still pretty busy. Shame there were no other choices of quieter roads heading back to Williamsburg as I’d have gladly taken them.

Back in Williamsburg I headed for the DoG Street Pub for some post ride refreshment, before making the short ride back to our rented apartment.


A real ride of two halves. The first half was first class and absolutely beautiful but the second half was not that much fun.

Route: click here

Exploring the Powhatan Native American Indian backwoods around the Chicahominy River area to the west of Colonial Williamsburg.


Today I decided to get up early and get out on a 50+ mile ride before everyone else got up. It didn’t quite work that way as I was up later than planned, but not a problem as they went out doing touristy things while I rode.

I’d planned a 58 mile ride around the Chicahominy River area to the west of Williamsburg last night, so set off on this.


The first part of the route out of Williamsburg was on pretty busy roads but thankfully the route soon turned off onto nice quiet roads. Absolutely stunning countryside too, mainly in wooded areas, but also with some more open areas and some great vistas over lakes.

At the far end of the route, about 28 miles in, I stopped for the equivalent of a cafe break and had an energy bar. I’d have loved to stop at a nice cafe somewhere but it’s totally different to the UK and the closest I could find is a gas station, which is not exactly my idea of a cafe stop.


The ride back was pretty easy and at the souther end of the route I joined what I imagined might be a pretty busy road, but it had a lovely cycle path along the side, teeming with all sorts of cyclists.

From there I had a lovely ride back, saying hello to fellow riders as they passed and stopping to admire the great views from the top of the bridge over the very wide Chicahominy River.


When I arrived back in Williamsburg I headed for the fab pub on the main street that I’d spotted yesterday, for a well deserved pint and to arrange with the others to meet up.

A great ride out in lovely countryside and with perfect weather.

Route: click here

Lone Raider – Cycling up the Williamsburg peninsula on a Garmin 50 mile random route. Worked out really well and was a lovely scenic route. Only one dirt road and one blocked off road to negotiate.


We’d just driven down from Washington DC to spend a few days in the Colonial Williamsburg area of beautiful Virginia, so stopped by at Bikes Unlimited to pick up the Raleigh Revenio di2 bike I’d rented off them.

I got changed into my Nova Raiders gear and decided to ride back to the apartment we have rented for our stay and from there off on a 50 mile ride.


The only problem was I thought I’d loaded the routes I’d pre-planned onto my bike computers, but it turned out I had not. Sounds simple to sort out? Well, it should have been but was not, especially as I’d forgotten my USB-C adapter for my MacBook so could not just plug the GPS into my laptop and transfer the routes that way.

In the end I had my Garmin do a random 50 mile route starting and ending at the apartment. The route it suggested looked decent so off I set.


The first part of the route went right through the historic area of Williamsburg with horse and carts and lots of people dressed as they would have a few hundred years ago. Loved it! After leaving Williamsburg, the roads quietened down a lot and I was cycling along nice quiet lanes in glorious countryside. Lovely!

About half way round and in the middle of nowhere, some concrete barriers blocked the road by this little lake. My heart sank as it was miles back the way I’d come to get to an alternative road. Thankfully I could see a weak looking wooden bridge the other side of the barriers and wondered if it was too weak for cars and trucks, but ok for bikes. I gingerly tried it and it was absolutely fine, so was soon over the concrete barriers on the other side and off on my way. Phew!


The route back from the far end of the ride was a bit more direct and nice and flat so I could open up the taps and get a decent head of speed going.

It was getting late and the sun was starting to go down, so I opted not to stop and say hello to the others who were out shopping at a mall I was to ride past.


I made it back to our apartment in plenty of time thankfully and had a really lovely ride in stunning countryside.

Route: click here

Bridgemere Garden World for coffee and cake, then The Falcon for Sunday lunch.


After the late last night, we arranged for a leisurely ride out on the 3 counties route to Bridgemere Garden World for cake and coffee.

I drove up to Hinstock as I did not need any extra miles in my legs this week. We set off and had a lovely ride to the cafe stop, with near perfect weather.

On the way back we decided to call into the Falcon in Hinstock for drinks and some Sunday lunch. I’ve not eaten here before and had some really nice food. Just enough without being too much.


Another fab ride out with great company too. Better head home now as we’re off to the USA in the morning on holiday and I’ve not even thought about packing yet!

Route: click here

Social ride to the Most Shed for lunch


I’m finally getting round to catching up on some missing blog posts as I’ve not had time to write them as we’ve been away on holiday!

Today was a pre-arranged day for a Velothon Wales reunion ride. In the end, it was just me, John Watts, Nicole and Tracy and we’d decided to head out to the excellent Moat Shed near Wem.

We all met up in Hinstock and headed off out on our ride, following the same route Nic, Tracy and me had ridden on Easter Sunday. A really nice route too!


At the Moat Shed we’d pre-booked a table, which always seems to be a good idea these days as I get the distinct impression they don’t like cyclists in their wet and sweaty gear visiting.

After some lovely food, we headed back to Hinstock. On the way back we had to stop for about 200 cows to cross the lane in front of us. There was literally an orderly line of them stretching right across the field they were coming out of!


As we passed the Tiddly in Ellerdine Heath we decided to stop for a quick pint. Then back in Hinstock, we retired to the Falcon for a pint or two.

I then spent a lovely evening at Nic’s with a nice curry take away and a few more drinks, before heading home at nearly midnight.

A fab day out with friends and a fab ride too.

Route: click here

Ride out to Dearnford Lake for coffee and cake. Very windy but thankfully avoided the rain!


I was supposed to be working today but had an invite out on a ride to my favourite cafe, Dearnford Lake, with 40 minutes notice and could not refuse. I can always work into the evening so not a problem.

I drove over to Hinstock as I did not have time to ride it like I usually do and we set off to Dearnford via the usual route.


The wind was from the west and very strong today, which made parts of the route out very interesting indeed. Still, not a major problem and no worse than the wind I had in my face for 50 miles on the way back from Chester on Wednesday!

At Dearnford we found a seat out by the lake in the sun and had a lovely coffee and cake (coffee and walnut!). We saw some other cyclists and they were all kitted up as if it was a really cold and wet winter day. Did they not get the memo saying this is summer and it’s strictly summer kit only :).


After Dearmford, it was the usual route back via Brown Moss Nature Reserve, where the roads were especially mucky and we all got sprayed with mud off the road. Great fun!

Back in Hinstock we said our goodbye’s and I headed home to wash my bike and get some work done.

Route: click here

Recovery ride, nice and steady to the Fordhall Farm cafe for coffee and cake after the 100 miles yesterday. Just what my legs needed!


I’d arranged a short and very steady recovery ride this afternoon, so as to help my legs after 2 * 100 mile rides in the last few days.

I rode over to Hinstock via Sambrook to meet up with Nic and then we set off on a reasonably flat route to the Fordhall Farm Cafe near Market Drayton. My legs just were not playing ball and it certainly took quite a while to warm them up!


We’d been recommended the cafe by Tim and were not disappointed. Nice coffee and cake and a great outside seating area. The sun was even in attendance, which was really nice, especially after the heavy rain first thing this morning when I opened the curtains!


After the cafe it was an easy ride back via Tern Hill, Wollerton and Stoke on Tern.

A fab ride with great company – just what my legs needed. Now to get back to work!

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