Training ride out to Dearnford Lake via Marchamley Hill and back via Wem and Shrewsbury. Very windy!


I’ve got the 100 hilly miles of the Wiggle Chiltern Classic Sportive on Saturday and have only been out for a ride to the Belgian bar in Eccleshall this week so far, so needed to fit another ride in somehow.

Today was the day! The weather did not look too great with strong winds from the south and rain every so often, but it’s the best chance I have.

I headed off on my usual Dearnford Lake route for some early lunch and then headed down through Wem to Shrewsbury and to Dave Mellor cycles to have a look at the new Wahoo Elemnt and Elemnt Bolt bike computers.


I’ve been growing frustrated with my Garmin Edge 1000 for a while now and this looks to be a worthy competitor. I had imagined I’d go for the Bolt as it looked nicer but when I saw it in the flesh it was absolutely tiny and my eyesight is not getting any better with old age. The black Elemnt looked loads nicer in the flesh and would fit with the colours of my bike better (not that that is a major reason for choosing a bike computer!).

I then spent a while in the bike shop (with a lovely mug of tea!) configuring it so I could use it side by side with my Edge 1000 on the ride home. It worked really well and first impressions are very good indeed.

I’ll be using it with a vengeance on the sportive on Saturday so time will tell.

Route: click here