Wiggle Sussex Surrey Scramble Sportive, Epic Course. Absolutely sublime ride in gorgeous rolling and hilly countryside and perfect weather too. Amazing day out on the bike.


Today was the day of the Wiggle Sussex Surrey Scramble Sportive, starting in Pulborough in West Sussex and taking in 100 miles of the South and North Downs.

I stopped overnight and drove over to the venue early doors. I can never quite get used to the very early mornings you need for these long sportives, but I know the ride is going to be amazing and the weather looks perfect!


The venue was at part of the campus for Chichester College and was pretty compact. I parked up, got ready and headed over for registration and my obligatory pre-ride latte.

Once we set off the first part of the course was almost totally flat as we headed towards the hills. I need not have worried though as we soon passed a sign informing us that the hill was 15% and it certainly was. Went on for quite a while too but with my legs nicely warmed up by now it was ok.


The route then wended its own undulating way towards Chichester and the coast. The first feed stop was at a pub just before you arrived in Chichester and I was starting to get hungry, despite already having breakfast so stocked up on food.

Next, we went past Goodwood and started out northbound journey. This section was frequented by familiar named from old WW2 Spitfire airfields like Goodwood, Tangmere and Haslemere. I didn’t actually see any evidence of the old airfields though, which is a shame. Always love seeing bits of history like that!

4521-WSSS01.jpgJust before the second feed stop I totally missed the direction signs twice in the same village (Lodsworth), so ended up seeing more of the village than I needed to! Not a worry though as it was a lovely place.

At the top of the course we went past Dunsfold, another old WW2 airfield, but the one where they used to film Top Gear and the one with the test track they used on the show. As I was getting used to on this ride, we didn’t actually see any of it apart from the gate.


At the final feed stop, I bumped into one of the Wiggle staff I was chatting to after last week’s ride in the Chilterns so stopped for a quick chat.

It was then an easy 20-mile ride back to the finish line, although true to form, they had arranged for a few more hills in the last few miles!

IMG_4206A great day out on the bike with lots of hills to climb, lots of rolling countryside, an unbelievable amount of trees (at least a third of the route must have been under tree canopy!).

Route: click here