Lone Raider – Cycling up the Williamsburg peninsula on a Garmin 50 mile random route. Worked out really well and was a lovely scenic route. Only one dirt road and one blocked off road to negotiate.


We’d just driven down from Washington DC to spend a few days in the Colonial Williamsburg area of beautiful Virginia, so stopped by at Bikes Unlimited to pick up the Raleigh Revenio di2 bike I’d rented off them.

I got changed into my Nova Raiders gear and decided to ride back to the apartment we have rented for our stay and from there off on a 50 mile ride.


The only problem was I thought I’d loaded the routes I’d pre-planned onto my bike computers, but it turned out I had not. Sounds simple to sort out? Well, it should have been but was not, especially as I’d forgotten my USB-C adapter for my MacBook so could not just plug the GPS into my laptop and transfer the routes that way.

In the end I had my Garmin do a random 50 mile route starting and ending at the apartment. The route it suggested looked decent so off I set.


The first part of the route went right through the historic area of Williamsburg with horse and carts and lots of people dressed as they would have a few hundred years ago. Loved it! After leaving Williamsburg, the roads quietened down a lot and I was cycling along nice quiet lanes in glorious countryside. Lovely!

About half way round and in the middle of nowhere, some concrete barriers blocked the road by this little lake. My heart sank as it was miles back the way I’d come to get to an alternative road. Thankfully I could see a weak looking wooden bridge the other side of the barriers and wondered if it was too weak for cars and trucks, but ok for bikes. I gingerly tried it and it was absolutely fine, so was soon over the concrete barriers on the other side and off on my way. Phew!


The route back from the far end of the ride was a bit more direct and nice and flat so I could open up the taps and get a decent head of speed going.

It was getting late and the sun was starting to go down, so I opted not to stop and say hello to the others who were out shopping at a mall I was to ride past.


I made it back to our apartment in plenty of time thankfully and had a really lovely ride in stunning countryside.

Route: click here