Exploring the Powhatan Native American Indian backwoods around the Chicahominy River area to the west of Colonial Williamsburg.


Today I decided to get up early and get out on a 50+ mile ride before everyone else got up. It didn’t quite work that way as I was up later than planned, but not a problem as they went out doing touristy things while I rode.

I’d planned a 58 mile ride around the Chicahominy River area to the west of Williamsburg last night, so set off on this.


The first part of the route out of Williamsburg was on pretty busy roads but thankfully the route soon turned off onto nice quiet roads. Absolutely stunning countryside too, mainly in wooded areas, but also with some more open areas and some great vistas over lakes.

At the far end of the route, about 28 miles in, I stopped for the equivalent of a cafe break and had an energy bar. I’d have loved to stop at a nice cafe somewhere but it’s totally different to the UK and the closest I could find is a gas station, which is not exactly my idea of a cafe stop.


The ride back was pretty easy and at the souther end of the route I joined what I imagined might be a pretty busy road, but it had a lovely cycle path along the side, teeming with all sorts of cyclists.

From there I had a lovely ride back, saying hello to fellow riders as they passed and stopping to admire the great views from the top of the bridge over the very wide Chicahominy River.


When I arrived back in Williamsburg I headed for the fab pub on the main street that I’d spotted yesterday, for a well deserved pint and to arrange with the others to meet up.

A great ride out in lovely countryside and with perfect weather.

Route: click here