Short of time so just a local ride for coffee and cake at Dearnford Lake, then back home via the New Inn and a cheeky pint.


I’ve not been out on my bike for one and a half weeks as we’ve been for a short break in New York to celebrate my significant birthday. I was thus dying to get back on my bike and get out but work is manic after coming back from my break.

I could just about manage a few hours this afternoon so decided on a quick ride out to Dearnford Lake for coffee and cake. It was absolutely freezing today too, so it was wise to wait until later anyway just in case there was any ice on the road.

I need not have worried in the end as the roads were fine. There was a nasty wind in my face the whole way up to Whitchurch and I was beginning to wonder if my fitness had suffered after the 1.5 weeks off the bike (it hadn’t, as I later found out!).

I arrived at Dearnford Lake just after 3pm so knew part of the ride home would be in the dark. I quite like solo riding in the dark as it always feels very serene so I was looking forward to that.


At the cafe, I had a latte and a piece of Victoria Sponge. The good thing about coming here later in the day is you get *very* generous cake portions as they try to use up the leftover cakes. Bonus!

For the ride back I started off on the normal route through Brown Moss Nature Reserve but then decided on a different route from normal by turning left at Calverhall. I then opted to extend my ride via Newport to get some extra miles in and if time permits, perhaps have a cheeky pint at the New Inn.

My fitness worries from earlier were allayed here as I had totally warmed up and was feeling strong as usual. Phew!

I had a quick pint at the New Inn in Newport, then headed off the final 8 miles to home.

A great ride out that I grew into and really enjoyed.

Route: click here