Keeping up the Sportive fitness: Ride out to the Chapeau Cafe in Marton, near Macclesfield for lunch.


After not being out all week due to work and icy roads I was dying to get out today. I decided it was perfect for a long ride out to the lovely looking Chapeau Cafe at Marton, near Macclesfield.

I planned a route which was basically my usual Jodrell Bank route in reverse, with a diversion off to the cafe just after I went past Congleton.


I set off through Sambrook and onwards towards Adbaston and then through the Maer Hills to Madeley. The roads were turning out to be not as bad as I feared, although there was a pretty keen headwind the whole way to the cafe.

After Congleton, I soon found the turning I needed and not long after was pulling up at the cafe stop. The cafe turned out to be a lovely cyclist themed cafe. They even sold their own Pro Vision jerseys!


Over lunch, I got chatting with some cyclists from Macclesfield who were out on a local recovery ride and was asking about the various routes they ride in the area. Always good for planning future rides out!

I spent way too long at the cafe and eventually set off knowing the last part of the ride home would be in the dark. First, it was a few new roads for me heading over towards Holmes Chapel, where I joined my usual Jodrell Bank route.


On the way home I routed via Market Drayton and pulled into the Joules Brewery Tap pub for a quick pint. From there it was an easy ride home in the dark down very familiar lanes.

Route: click here