Day 2: Gran Canaria – our first ride


I was feeling a bit worse for wear this morning after drinking a few too many Long Island Ice Tea’s last night.

We all met up for breakfast before walking round to the Free Motion Bike Shop for 3 of the group to pick up their rental bikes. Tim and I had brought our own bikes from home.


Once back at the hotel we were all soon changed and meeting up ready for our ride. The plan was an easy(ish) ride up to Ayagaures to the north of the hotel in the mountains, up a windy road to the top and then back along the top to the hotel in Meloneras.


A really nice ride and one we’d done on the first day last year when we were here. I was suffering from a hangover and my Dogma was feeling a bit odd after being so used to solely riding my Roubaix for the last 6 months or so.


At the northern end of the valley, we climbed up to the vantage point before heading up the switchback road to the top of the hills. Some great views all around from here, which we enjoyed for quite some time.


As we came back down the hill, a plan was hatched to go to the Belgian Bar, weirdly called Wigwam (what have American Native Indians got to do with Belgium?), in Puerto Rico for Belgian Beer.

I was still feeling the hangover and not really in need of a strong beer at this stage, so decided to head back to the hotel and then off to seek out the nudist beach in Maspalomas for a few hours sun and relaxation.


Afterwards, we all met up back at the hotel for drinks and then dinner. The dinner ended up being pretty late and I retired to the hotel bar for a cocktail or five afterwards (bad mistake as I found out the next morning!).

Route: click here