Day 3: Gran Canaria – not feeling too well, so a day on the beach is in order


I woke to a very queasy stomach and remembered that I might have got a little carried away in the hotel bar last night!

The plan today was a ride along the coast to the airport and then inland up into the mountains, through Santa Lucia and into San Bartolome for lunch. From there it was due south through Fataga and back to the hotel.

We met up for breakfast as normal but once I was back in my hotel room getting changed I really could not face a day on the bike the way I was feeling. The sun was out and so a lazy day on the beach seemed like a very good plan.

I made my excuses to the others and headed off for the nudist beach, where I had a totally relaxing day soaking up the sun. I kept up to date with the others who were out on their ride and we all met back at the hotel for drinks.


Later on, we met up for dinner and I resolved to behave myself in the bar this evening and did not have too many drinks. I did have Tim do a wildcard round and I ended up with this very girly looking Cararias cocktail that looked very similar to a Pina Colada (see photo above).