Day 5: Gran Canaria – Rest day ride out to Puerto Rico for lunch and beer


After the bigger ride yesterday, we planned a lazyish rest day today, with a ride down the coast to Puerto Rico for lunch and a beer. The total is about 20 miles from start to finish.

We set off from the hotel, taking it nice and steady and were soon arriving at Puerto Rico where we found a lovely bar overlooking the beach. We enjoyed a cool beer before riding round to Wigwam, the Belgian bar, for lunch and some more refreshments.


The bar itself was my kind of place, decorated with lots of interesting artefacts, most of them relating to American Native Indians. I’ve no idea of the connection between a Belgian bar in the Canary Islands and American Indians, but what the heck!


The food was from next door as the bar don’t do food themselves, but I had a gorgeous cheese and onion omelette and chips, which went down very well indeed. They were playing 1980’s classic rock too, which I was really enjoying.


A short ride back to the hotel and we agreed to meet up at the pool for a swim and some beer / gin. The pool was pretty cold unless the sun was out, but quite a bit warmer than the sea the other day when I was at the beach.


After the pool, I returned to my room for a pre-dinner bath (lovely HUGE bath too). Lovely!

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