Day 6: San Bartolome for lunch and an aborted trip to the highest point on the island


Today we had planned a ride up to Pico de las Nieves, the highest point on Gran Canaria. We planned a lunch stop in San Bartolome before continuing the climb to the top.

We set off from the hotel and headed pretty much directly north on the Fataga road, up the switchbacks to the viewpoint overlooking the coast. I’ve not done this route this way round before and realised it was a lot harder this way than the reverse that I’d ridden before.


From the viewpoint it a brief downhill section before the climbing started again into Fataga, where we stopped for a Cortado at a lovely looking roadside cafe. Suitably perked up, we headed up the switchbacks and into San Bartolome for lunch.


By this time we’d all agreed making the ride into a circular and heading back to the hotel for a swim would be more preferable than carrying on to the top of the island and making it a long day in the saddle.


We thus headed off down the Santa Lucia road towards the coast, stopping for a quick beer and some water in Santa Lucia. Further down the descent, the coastal cross-winds got REALLY strong and we had to steady the descent up quite a bit to be safe.


It was then a really fun blast along the coast road to the hotel with the strong wind directly behind us.

Back at the hotel, we retired to the pool for G&T’s and some sun. We had decided to skip the hotel food tonight and headed off to the bars along the coast for an Italian. The Italian was very busy but there was a curry house very close with tables free. I did not have to be asked twice as Indian is one of my favourite things to eat.


After dinner, we had a few drinks in the bars by the coast before walking back to the hotel.

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