First ride of my new MTB back from Nova Cycles.


I recently invested in my first MTB so I can do some doubleheader sportive weekends, where you ride a MTB sportive on the Saturday and a Road sportive on the Sunday (or vice-versa).

My local bike shop, Nova Cycles, had to special order the one I wanted in and it arrived while I was in Gran Canaria. Today I got a lift down to Newport with Sarah so I could ride the new bike home and put it through it’s paces / get a feel for it.

The ride went well to start with and I tried it on a track between Longford Road and Edgmond that I\’d never dare take my road bike down. Next, I went offroad in the woods at Chetwynd Firs and had some really good fun. A very different way of cycling for me but really good too. I can see I’m going to live this new kind of sportive this year!

It was all going really well and I was trying to find an offroad way through from Calvington to Howle when my chain came off. I put it back on and it came off straight away. I repeated this a few times before resigning myself to the fact it would not stay on. Hmmm!

I phoned home and agreed to meet nearby for a lift back to Nova Cycles with the bike. Turns out the suppliers had put totally the wrong chain on the bike and it’s a real surprise I got as far as I did without any issues.

It’s now fixed and I’m looking forward to riding it some more.

Route: click here