Met up with Andy before he went to work and before my train home for a ride across central London


It was the morning after the Steel Panther gig at the Hammersmith Apollo and I was feeling a little worse for wear as I’d had a very late night last night as we all went out for drinks after the show.

Andy, my southern sportive riding mate, contacted me and wondered if I was around for a quick ride across central London before I caught my train. He was coming to London to go to work and could fit in a ride before work.

Sounded like a perfect way to blow the cobwebs away (and I’m always up for a bike ride anyway!) so we arranged to meet up at Westminster tube station, right next to the Houses Of Parliament.

I was part way there when he texted to say there were hardly any Boris Bikes there and to meet at Victoria Station instead. No problem for me as my tube was going through there too.


We met up and wandered over to the nearest Boris Bike pickup point. I don’t know what was going on but we tried multiple release codes and none of them worked. All the bike slots were full so I’m guessing others had the same problem too and no one had managed to get a bike there.

We thus opted to go to the next nearest pickup location and my code worked first time there!

We had a fun ride down past Buckingham Palace, up The Mall, through Trafalgar Square and then up Tottenham Court Road past the theatres to Euston. So many iconic locations in such a short bike ride!

We said our goodbye’s at Euston Station and I retired for my ‘cafe stop’ before catching my train home.

Route: click here