I’m the new Nova Raiders Cycling Club Chairman!

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At the Nova Raiders Cycling Club AGM last night, Simon Broad formally resigned as Chairman and I was appointed the Chairman for the next 12 months.

It was all a bit sudden but quite a few members had privately said to me over the last few months that I’d make a great Chairman and that they would totally support me if I ever decided to stand.

I never formally announced I’d like to stand but someone else suggested it at the AGM and having given it a lot of thought over the last few weeks anyway, was happy to say I’d be delighted to take on the role, should the need arise.

I quickly had a Proposer and then a Seconder and I was formally announced as the new Chairman! Wow! That was quick and not quite what I was expecting to come out of this evening, but I have to say I’m very humbled and honoured to have so much trust put in me and will do the job to the very best of my abilities.

First things first, I wanted to get the club accounts published to the membership so everyone can feel they are totally in the know and hopefully feel more involved with things. Dave Wright, our Treasurer took the meeting through the accounts and very shortly afterwards emailed all members of the club with full details.

One of my other main aims is to get everyone in the club feeling involved and feeling like they are totally valued. We’ve got teams set up to organise and run our various club events this year, which will go a long way towards fulfilling this. I’ve got lots of other ideas and these should become apparent as time goes on.

I’d like to think I’m a very approachable person so if anyone has any ideas, concerns or any other thoughts at any time, I’m always available to meet up for a chat, go on a ride, message, email etc etc. Don’t be shy.

Onwards and upwards!