New MTB bike day!


I’d got my first MTB, a GT Zaskar Carbon Expert a month or so ago and was planning on using it for various MTB sportives and also round home when the roads are not fit for road cycling. The problem is the chain just would not stay on!

On my first ride on it, home from Nova Cycles in Newport I went down a very muddy farm track and the chain came off. Not a worry I though as I can easily put it back on. The problem is it came right off again as soon as I started to pedal. This happened repeatedly and I had to call for a lift to take the bike back to the shop.

A MTB that does not work in mud makes no sense at all but that’s effectively what I had!

We tried changing the chain in case that was it but when I tried to ride it in the South Downs soon afterwards, the same thing was happening with the chain. Hmmm!

I took it back again and they got in contact with the manufacturers/suppliers who could not really offer a solution so I asked for a full refund so I could choose a MTB I knew would work as I’d lost all confidence in the Zaskar.

Thankfully they readily agreed and a few weeks later I’m the proud owner of a drop dead gorgeous looking Scott Scale 925.

I’ve now ridden this on an old sportive route in the New Forest and I’m totally happy with it. It’s a very capable bike and very easy to ride. I’m a happy camper!

The only thing I’ve changed is I took the tubes out of the tyres (the tyres and wheels are already tubeless ready), added some sealant and am now running tubeless so I don’t get any pinch flats.