Late afternoon short ride to spin the legs a bit


I’ve not been out on my bike all week as I picked up conjunctivitis and a bit of a virus and have thus not been feeling 100%. The cabin fever was settling in though and by late afternoon today, I could not resist a quick ride out.

My plan was to ride my usual Dearnford Lake route but not stop at the cafe. I set off on the normal route but by the time I was approaching Stoke on Tern I still was not feeling 100% and was debating about cutting the ride short and going out for a leisurely curry instead.

The curry soon won the day and instead of heading off up Marchamley Hill, I took the Market Drayton road instead. I was intending routing home via Cheswardine and adding a few extra miles in but by the time I got the Drayton I was feeling it and took the more direct route home.

On the way back I did extend the route slightly via High Hatton to mix up the roads a bit and enjoyed the change of scenery and views over to South Shropshire as I went up the hill.

I arrived home in loads of time to go out for some food and feeling much better for the ride.

Route: click here