Exploring local lanes on my MTB. Got a bit lost in places but it worked out in the end! Eyes still sore but improving thankfully.


My eyes were starting to improve over the weekend but I still felt a bit fluey, so had not planned on a ride at all today. I was tinkering with my MTB and in the end, could not resist a quick trip out to explore some local lanes.

I set off to Ercall Heath and took an old track across the heath to Holy Well and then down to the River Meese before taking another track with the intention of ending up in Tiibberton.

This did not quite work out as planned as I must have taken the wrong farm track somewhere and I ended up coming out onto the road where the Adeney road meets the main Newport to Shrewsbury road.


Not a worry as I could head down to Adeney and then down the track that joins it with Kynnersley. Great fun so far and the bike was more than capable.

Once in Kynnersley, I decided to explore Dukes Drive as I’d seen it on the maps but never been down it. The first part was easy and paved, but it petered out into a kind of dyke on raised ground between two very low lying fields. Nothing too taxing and I eventually came out on the A442. Loving it!

It was getting close to teatime now, so I opted to take the main road to Waters Upton and then the lanes back home.

A really good fun hour or two exploring and something a bit different than my usual longer road rides.

Route: click here