Lockgate Coffee Shop in Beeston with Mark Sheridan. Fab ride despite the rain.


I’d planned a ride out to the fabulous Lockgate Coffee House in Beeston with a friend today. The weather was not looking the best, with rain forecast later but I’ve got my new rain jacket and wanted to try it out (plus I wanted to get out on a longer ride anyway).

I rode down to Childs Ercall from home and met Mark there. We then set off through Ollerton, Stoke on Tern and Tilstock before getting stuck at the canal bridge on the border with Wales as the bridge was up to let a canal boat through. Then another one came through, then another, then another…

We were getting a bit impatient now as we were cooling down after all the exercise and then standing still for ages. Luckily the guy with the big spanner to operate the bridge took pity on us and put the bridge down to let us cross. Phew!


It was then an easy ride up inside the Welsh border before crossing into Cheshire. Mark fancied a coffee and a snack so we stopped at the Fire Station in Malpas for a quick break.

As we came out of the cafe the rain had already started and pretty much did not let up for the rest of the ride, and hence the lack of photos on here as all the views were obscured with the weather.

We took the west side of the Peckforton Hills as there is more climbing there and the views are normally great (not today though!). Soon afterwards we arrived at the Lockgate Coffee Shop for lunch.

A nice Cortado, avocado and poached egg on toast and a small tiffin later and we were on our way back.

The first part of the journey back is pretty flat and we got up a decent head of steam, gradually pushing our average speed for the ride up and up.

At Market Drayton, we had time for a quick pint so retired to the brewery tap for a short break. The rain was still going when we got back on the bikes but thankfully my new rain jacket was working wonders and keeping me nice and dry.

I said goodbye to Mark at where the Four Crosses pub used to be on the A41 and headed off home for a shower.

A great ride out with good company and a fab cafe stop.

Route: click here