UK Cycling Events – Yorkshire Classic Sportive, Short Route.

I was out doing the permitted weekly shop and almost going past the start of this, now cancelled, sportive so thought I’d combine the two and get out of my bike for a ride at the same time.

I arrived at the start location (York livestock market) and parked safely just down the road as I obviously could not use the market car park without fear of being clamped.

The livestock market is right next to ABP York, a slaughterhouse and with no-one around all you could hear was the eery hum of the refrigeration units at the abattoir. It made the hairs stand up on my neck! Yuck – so glad I’m veggie.

Anyway, back to the ride…

Time was getting on this afternoon after the weekly shop so I opted for the short route, which to be honest suited my legs as this is only my 3rd ride after being off the bike for 10 months and I need to build up endurance gradually.

I set off in the beautiful blue skies and sunshine, thoroughly enjoying the ride so far. I’ve not really explored round here and it’s full of lovely quiet left lanes, beautiful villages and stunning woodland. Perfect!

I cycled through the small village of Murton and then onwards through the larger Stockton In The Forest. I passed a lovely looking village pub and could quite happily have stopped for a quick pint had I been allowed but it’s obviously still shut with the Covid restrictions. Soon… soon…

Shortly afterwards came the main hill of the ride, which I passed over on the way out and the way back as that part of the ride uses the same lane. A few years ago I’d have thought nothing of this slight incline but I’m still working on my fitness and it seemed more like a mountain to me today! That will get better with time and miles in the legs though.

On the far side of the route I passed through the lovely little village of Upper Helmsley and a house we’d looked at when we were planning to move to Yorkshire over a year ago.

There then followed the highlight of the ride for me – a beautiful section of very quiet lane wending it’s way through a perfectly peaceful pine forest with wildlife absolutely everywhere. What a treat!

The ride back to the start was punctuated by seeing many other cyclists out enjoying the fabulous weather.

All too soon I arrived at the finishing line, having thoroughly enjoyed my ride in an area I’ve not explored on my bike before. Just perfect.

Route: click here.