About Me


A forty-something cyclist, Mathematician, IT Guru, Altrincham FC supporter and generally (hopefully!) all round nice guy.

I used to cycle in my 20’s but have since moved from Cheshire to Shropshire and now the children have got older, I have more free time and have got back into cycling.

I joined my local club, the Nova Raiders (Newport, Shropshire) in May 2016 and have not looked back. You would not find a more friendly, encouraging and all round great club. I’ve made lots of great new friends and am totally loving my cycling.

In 2017, my plan was to get out on as many Sportives as possible and in as many different places as I could. The only proviso being I *had* to book the longest route on every one I entered to totally push myself. Also, at least one 2 day event (London Revolution) and some much longer rides (Cycling Weekly 125).

I’ve achieved all that and so much more and am loving it!

In 2018, I plan to extend my goals even further, with at least one double-century, 200 mile ride and more longer and challenging rides than last year. Oh and above all else to continue having a totally fabulous time with my cycling.

On 31st January 2018, I was appointed the Nova Raiders Cycling Club Chairman for the next year. I have to say I’m very humbled and honoured to have so much trust put in me and will do the job to the very best of my abilities.

At the Nova Raiders AGM on 15th January 2019, I was re-elected as Chairman for another year.

I’ve already had tons and tons of great memories and know I’m in store for lots more. Can’t wait!